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BV Male Large Dog Disposable Wraps - 50 Count

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BV Male Large Dog Disposable Dog Wraps are easy to put on and remove. They offer a quick and hassle-free solution for managing a dog's bathroom needs in various situations. When traveling with a dog, especially long distances, dog wraps can provide a convenient solution to manage bathroom needs while on the road. This can make travel more comfortable for both the dog and its owner.

  • IDEAL FIT & QUANTITY: Get value and convenience with our pack of 50 disposable dog diaper. Specifically designed for male dogs weighing up to 68 lbs, these diapers offer a snug, comfortable fit for a 21-26 inch waist. These wraps ensure a perfect match for your furry friend's needs and your peace of mind.
  • SMART WETNESS INDICATOR: Keep your pet comfortable and your home clean with our smart wetness indicator. It changes color to signal when it's time for a fresh diaper. This ensures your male dog's disposable wraps are always timely replaced for optimal hygiene.
  • FUR-FRIENDLY FASTENING SYSTEM: Our puppy diapers are designed with your pet's comfort in mind. The fur-friendly fastener is easily adjustable, providing a secure, irritant-free fit that accommodates even the fluffiest of friends.
  • SUPERIOR LEAK-PROOF PROTECTION: Engineered with an absorbent polymer gel core and high-quality closure layers, these doggy diapers promise exceptional leak-proof protection. The secure fit ensures both comfort and reliability for your male dog, whether at home or on the go.
  • VERSATILE USE FOR MALE DOGS: BV's large dogs disposable wraps manage incontinence. In addition, they are also perfect for indoor training and travel. Their comfortable and secure design makes them an ideal choice for keeping your home clean and your pet stress-free.
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BV Male Large Dog Disposable Wraps - 50 Count
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